Orthotics & Gait Analysis in Liverpool

We provide a specialist orthotics service specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of lower limb dysfunction and pain. 

We utilise the most effective, cutting edge techniques to identify the true cause of your problem and develop personalised strategies to restore optimal function, speed up recovery and improve perfromance.




We have a wide range of orthotics available including:

the worlds first high-tech 3D printed insoles, designed based on your personal dynamic gait analysis.

Optimal efficiency, superior stability, extreme durability

Foot Lab

Biomechanics & Foot Posture Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of your foot and lower limb to address soft tissue and joint

biomechanics to decrease pain, restore optimal function and improve performance.

Gait Analysis

State of the art analysis of your running and Walking biomechanics to identify the

underlying cause of your problem.